Care & Support

We offer a variety of caring ministries here at Pearl River United Methodist Church to meet the needs of our congregation and the wider community including the following:
  • Grace Notes Writing Ministry – a group of faithful worshipers who write loving and encouraging      notes of love and healing to some anyone needing prayer.
  • Bread of Life Meal Teams – a group of great cooks who prepare meals for people in our congregation or community that are home bound due to illness or death in the family.
  • Email Prayer Chain – a group of faithful prayer warriors who are e-mailed a list to pray for daily, weekly or as the need for prayer arises.
  • Hospital Visitation – a few loving and caring men and women who visit our congregation or community family members or friends when they are hospitalized or are having procedures done that are in need of prayer.
  • Care and Share Team – a prayerful team of who meet on the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the Gathering Room of the sanctuary to listen to people who need a loving and kind ear. You can bring your life, health and or community concerns that are on your minds and hearts that you wish to discuss. All sessions are kept confidential.
  • In-Home Communion – At the end of Holy Communion each Sunday if you have a loved one or friend who is in need of the grace of God, we provide you with prepared blessed elements of bread and juice to take to them.
If you would like more information about Our Caring Ministries, please contact Cindy Kaupp, our Associate Pastor and Director of Congregational Care and Family Ministries, by calling the church office at 985-863-7452 or emailing her at