Designated Giving

“Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7.
All of God’s people work together to provide monetary support for the General Budget of our church. We do this through regular, estimated giving and tithing. However there are also times in which persons are compelled to make over-and-above monetary gifts in honor/memory of a loved one, for a special occasion or as a way of showing gratitude to God. Below are the existing fund accounts that are available to give toward.
General Missions Used at the discretion of the Church Council & pastor to plan, support and under gird the work of carrying out the mission ministry emphasis of PRUMC. General Benevolence –Used for any person/family in need of food, gas, & other basic necessities. The pastor uses his or her discretion in each individual situation of how to best meet the need.
Benevolence Fund – Used when a member of PRUMC is in need of replacing a major appliance or the repair of home or auto. The pastor uses his or her discretion in each individual situation of how to best meet the need. 1st Sunday Communion Offering – Used in a variety of ways such as mission projects, benevolent requests and/or other special needs as determined by the pastor and the Church Council.
Nursery/Children Ministries –Used ‘in house’ in the areas of infant thru 6th grade students. Equipment, books, toys, games, Bible study resources, etc., and/or the updating of the physical space are some ways these funds are used.
Youth Ministries Used ‘in house’ in the areas of 7th grade thru 12th grade students. Equipment, books, games, videos, Bible study resources, etc. and/or the updating of the physical space are some ways these funds are used.
Vacation Bible School – Used annually for expenses which might include curriculum; snacks; activities; craft supplies; videos; music CDs; and/or other resources.
Children & Youth Camp/Trips – Used to help defray costs associated with our young people attending United Methodist sponsored summer camps, mission trips, and other special events associated with the United Methodist Church.
Men’s Group –Used for special projects and/or programs led by the men of PRUMC. Home repairs, wheelchair ramps and other ministries which help persons in need are just some examples.
School Supplies –Used to purchase school supplies and or backpacks for students in the Pearl River community.
Building Fund – Used to pay down the existing mortgage of our buildings and to hold for future new building or campus projects.
Christmas Mission Offering – These funds are mainly collected on Christmas Eve each year and then distributed to ministries selected by the Church Council. In giving to this fund throughout the year, monies are held and then added to the Christmas Eve offering in December.
Pastor’s Discretionary – These funds are used at the pastor’s discretion to fulfill special requests that spring up from time to time and are not presently represented in the General Budget or existing Dedicated Funds.
If there is a particular ministry area in which you would like to make a designated gift that is not reflected above, please speak to the pastor or one of the Finance Committee members. When making a designated gift, please indicate on your check/envelope the name of fund. If you have more questions about designated giving you can call the church office at 985-863-7452 or email the finance chair through